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Business Analysis – Online
Short Course

A 5-week short course delivered
online to 7,775 students

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iCDAMT Thailand – Keynote

Keynote presentation on game science
to international guests

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Agile Project Management –
Scenario gLearning

The use of game-related mechanisms
to engage, teach and assess

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  • By: Brenton Burchmore
  • January 14, 2018
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Technology and Learning
  • By: Brenton Burchmore
  • January 14, 2018
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What impact does technology have on learning outcomes? This is a key and recurring question that seeks to either challenge or validate the… Read more...

Technology Affordances in Education
  • By: Brenton Burchmore
  • January 14, 2018
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Hear from others

I'd like to say thanks for a very enjoyable course. I can honestly say the course was one of the best I've participated. Very informative and well structured.


I would also like to thank you. The course included valuable points and was really well structured.


Hello Brenton and team. Thank you for this very well presented and organised course.


Hi Brenton (and everyone else involved), Joining in the chorus of thank yous! Thanks for being interesting, informative and professional (and, of course, prepared!)


Thank you very much for offering such a well presented and run course on Agile Project Management. It really was very well done - informative and engaging.


Thank you Brenton and team for putting together such a well-run and informative course.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in bringing this course to the masses! It was very well led and the course material was of excellent standard.


Thank you Brenton and team for this excellent informative and well organised short course. I really enjoyed this course.


Much apprecaited Brenton. Your enthusiasm on the subject was intoxicating!


Thank you very much, Brenton and team. This was an excellent short course!


I would also like to add my thanks to the team and yourself Brenton. Easy to follow course and a lot of great material.


Thanks to Brenton and ITmasters team. The lectures were very good (content, quality of the videos) and I learnt a lot.


Thanks Brenton and Team, The course was fantastic and the downloadable audio was great. I had it playing in the car whilst driving to work each day! Thanks again and look forward to the next course!


Thanks a ton Brenton the course was really good. The content of the course was very different from other agile courses available online and also it is different from some of the class room courses that I have attended so far. It was really useful and a very nice learning experience for me.


I would like to thank you and your team for this excellent online course. The quality of the webminar, the portal and all the information provided was extremly high.


Thank you for expending your knowledge and understanding to the global IT society. I loved the course and the method of your teaching.... Once more thank you and the team.


Hello Brenton, Thanks very much for a terrific course and the level of effort you put into the clear and concise presentation of the topic. I really enjoyed learning with you.


I wanted to first thank Brenton for the great course! It was very well organized and the material is really, really great. This will be start point for me to learn more about Scrum and Lean.


I would like to extend my Thanks to the whole team for a really excellent online course about Scrum and Lean.


I absolutely agree this was a very very well run MOOC and has actually prompted me to enrol in the Masters program. So I'm sure I will be having many more encounters with Brenton and the team which I look foward to in the future.


Thank you for running another successful online course. I enjoyed this course thoroughly. Keep up the good work team. I'm looking forward to attending all future courses run by you.


Thanks Brenton, you did a fantastic job was clearly evident you are a great teacher. Have a great christmas!


Thank you Brenton for this rich and well organized MOOC. Kudos to you and the whole team!


Thank you Brenton, not just for lecturing but also for passing on some of your valuable experience, without which the MOOC is just theory. This MOOC has provided an excellent overview and I have proceeded to recommend this course to many of my colleagues. I am hoping, that given the opportunity again next year, they will all enrol.


Little late, but I too need to thank you for the wonderful job. Your lectures are very clear and descriptive. This definitely added a significant value to my career as an IT consultant.


I would like to thank you for this excellent course. I was an interesting insight into how we communicate on a professional level and gave me a greater knowledge on how to begin improving on my communications. The quality of the lectures and how you presented them were superb. Well done and thank you!


Although a short course I cannot express the value of the course in words, there is a differance between getting acadamically qualified and being a professional. Thank you Brenton for the efforts you made on this course.


Thanks from me too, another great course.


Thanks a lot for your complete, precise and useful course and material.


I appreciated this course so much! It was very enlightening, and while I manage to do alot of the basics taught naturally; I actually couldn't tell you why I communicated the way I did. This course gave me the extra confidence to keep growing with my communications for the maximum results. I can't thank you enough, and I will be keeping the recording to review and listen to in the future reference.


Thanks very much Brenton. I thoroughly enjoyed the coursework and found the topics extremely interesting and insightful. I found your presentations engaging and l was very impressed with your timely responses to questions. Well done.


Brenton, your webinars were excellent - short but sharp and succinct. I thoroughly enjoyed the four webinars you did. You energy and passion flowed throughout your webinars and I can only imagine how dynamic and energetic and entertaining your face-face lectures will be.


Thank you to the organisers for an informative and well presented course! Well done!


Thank you to Brenton and all the organisers of this course for the well organised and structured delivery of this course. I had an exciting learning time and gained a insight and understanding of the principles of Business Analysis.


A big thank you for the organisers and Brenton for this fantastic learning experience. God bless!


The Business Analysis Course was a course worth one in a million and I'd like to commend the efforts of all, including the enthusiastic participants who have contributed immensely to the successful completion of this course. It was really a memorable experience and the skills have proven to be relevant.


Well Done!. Course was informative, interesting and basic concepts were well explained and webinars were useful as well as the weekly assignments.


Great work everyone! Congratulations to the development course team and thanks to all the participants for their contribution.


Thank you Brenton, I enjoyed looking forward to your recorded sessions and I am now much more comfortable when it comes to the prince2 topic. Every second that I used for your course was worth it !!!


Thank you so much for organising this course in a wonderful manner.


The course was great, the audio lectures were easy listening and the webinars were great too. The main questions would be, would I do another IT Masters course and would I do another course presented by Brenton. Yes to both!


It was an amazing and unique experience for me. I am also amazed at how the course structure triggered my dedication and time commitment to it. Thank you so much for the opportunity, it is highly appreciated.


Many thanks Brenton, and many thanks to the IT Master Support team as well. You have made this course a very worthwhile and enjoyable one.


Training presentation is the key to learning and learning well, I really enjoy and like your style.


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