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Marshall McLuhan

Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.

The rise of digital games has expanded the ways in which games can be used to teach. Online games can now take that even further, but the path to success has not been clear.

Until now.

What is gLearning?

The use of game-related mechanisms to engage, teach and assess

The initial confusion relating to the broad topic of “gLearning” is now giving way to clear definitions and methods.
Conperior uses the following to define these terms:

The use of badges or incremental rewards for non-game activity, which is similar to that used in games
Serious games
Simulations that use game mechanics to emulate real world situations that need not be highly entertaining
Game-based learning
Using fun and entertaining games to teach core principles and concepts from within the game mechanics

Conperior has blended all three of these into a principle we call Scenario-Based eLearning. This combines carefully simulated scenarios that are played out with game mechanics, using fun reward and scoring systems to maximise engagement.


Scenario-Based Learning


With years of experience and research in the multi-disciplinary fields of pedagogy, technology and game design, Conperior has developed a blended model combining the best of the core elements of game-based learning.

Perdoco is the ongoing project to bring this model to life, providing a complete platform to supplement other forms of online learning.

gLearning consulting & development

Embracing gLearning for faculty, curriculum and teachers


Conperior provides a range of consulting and training services designed to help any faculty or department to make the most of what gLearning can do for them.

From direct game-lesson content design and advice on curriculum design, to personal development and training for teachers, Conperior can provide comprehensive training programs to get any team up to speed.

The 3CON Model


Conperior has combined years of experience in educational design and teaching, with tens of thousands of hours of online game research, to create a new model for game based learning.

What we have developed creates a clear role for games, online content and human teaching – all working cooperatively towards the same learning outcomes.