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We design education solutions where the technology does the heavy lifting in the delivery of knowledge. This allows the human teachers to focus on the higher understanding of how to use that knowledge.

At Conperior the student is the centre of learning world. Tailoring, responsiveness, and adaptive learning are not just buzzwords, they are core beliefs.

This is not just a product or service, not merely a philosophy or purpose, it is a new paradigm in education.



Conperior was founded in 2011 with the goal of maximising
the benefits of technology in the learning process to improve outcomes.
The company began designing and delivering online learning
solutions for universities.

In 2012 Conperior joined the Serious Games Association (Singapore) and has since taken part in a variety of events and projects.


Based in Singapore, Conperior is a truly global operation able to deliver solutions to clients and students anywhere in the world. We have had students in every continent and beyond, including naval personnel deployed at sea, remote ocean oil platforms and Antarctic research bases.

Think tank

The Conperior Think Tank are passionate people who bring together years of knowledge, expertise and experience in all areas of education. They provide a guiding light to Conperior whilst regularly contributing to our online blog. Think Tank team members participate in keynote and expert panel speaking events around the globe to present on all aspects of modern education.

Photo brenton

Brenton Burchmore

CEO - Conperior

EduTech & gLearning

An entrepreneur and multi-discipline expert, Brenton has made a career out of bridging the gaps between technology, education and entertainment. He now combines this with experiential learning.

Photo martin

Martin Hale

CEO - IT Masters

Higher Education

A lifelong learning pioneer, Martin has brought tremendous innovation to higher education and online learning. He continually breaks new ground and resets the benchmarks that others follow.

Photo james

James Chia

CEO - Arclab

Nano Learning

An innovator in interactive nano learning; targeted bite-sized education and training. James leads a team designing and delivering just-in-time contextual knowledge systems that empower and upskill the modern workforce.

No avar

Alex Rosa

CEO - CapeGroup Global

Vocational Training

A seasoned veteran in corporate training and staff development, Alex consults to the world's most successful companies on their training strategy and solutions.